Executive Summary

If you are experiencing, distribution backlog, warehouse worker woes, and the desire to increase your sales through perfecting your shipping requirements, then we encourage you to contact Triple L Transportation, LLC. We appreciate both positive and negative feedback from our customers and use it to improve our services, as we strive to offer the best relocation experience as possible.management Logistics consulting and truck hiring, transportation, freight documentation, customs clearance, warehousing, storage and hauling services at competitive prices. Triple L Transportation, LLC will serve its areas of the transportation business working to make its operations more productive while at the same time controlling expenses. The money required getting the company organized and structured has been provided by Larry Darnell Lewis. To make this company a reality there will be an amount needed of $75,000.00, which will come as a loans or as grants. The money will be allocated to take care of all the requirements including acquiring a tractor and trailer, office setup, equipment and miscellaneous operating expenses. This business plan will show the components that make up and accomplish this exciting business venture.